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Why do Hybrids Break? Part 1

Part 1: Weak Acrylic The Problem: Failure of acrylic on screw-retained removable prosthetics The Cause: Traditional packed acrylic Throughout the last 5 years we have been blessed to have processed thousands of All on...

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Ask the Petersons: What Screw is This?

Every day, our phones are flooded with calls from dentists seeking help and advice from our expert technicians. In our effort to provide superior service, we’ve decided to address our most frequently asked questions...

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Chairside Services

Gather a group of dental professionals, and you’ll find that digital technology usually dominates the conversation. However, we know that there’s no technological advancement that can replace a relationship. That’s why Peterson Dental Lab’s...

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March Makeover Madness

Announcing Peterson Dental’s Lab first annual “March Makeover Madness!” ‘Tis the season for filling out brackets and rooting on your team—but we guarantee your odds of winning PDL’s March Makeover Madness are better than...

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The IvoBase System: Unparalleled Accuracy and Fit

We’ve always said that our ultimate goal at Peterson Dental is to make people smile. We want to bring smiles to the faces of our dental partners, their team members, and most of all, to every patient...

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Miami Dental Arts Joins Peterson Dental Laboratory

Stronger Together We are excited to announce that Peterson Dental Laboratory has acquired Miami Dental Arts Laboratory to improve our suite of innovative products, grow our customer service team and expand chair-side services to Miami-Dade and...

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Nobel ASC Abutments Changing Dentistry

Fractured porcelain, irretrievability, limited driver space, component limitations and the nemesis of tissue, cement. These are some of the challenges many clinicians have struggled with in the posterior region. At Peterson Dental Laboratory we...

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Peterson Dental Laboratory Receives CDL Certification

After 40 years of providing dental services and products, Peterson Dental Laboratory becomes a Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL). DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA: Today we announce our official accreditation by the National Board of Dental Laboratories (CDL). For over...

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Industry News

What’s in Your Mouth? NADL Sheds Light on Restorations

For years, we have seen a steady increase in restorations being outsourced abroad. Restorative dentists must understand there is a consequence to utilizing an outsourcing laboratory, both for the patient and the dentist. The...

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