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Hard Splint

3D printed hard splint

The hard splint is the standard for patient care when it comes to night guards. Each hard splint is custom-made to a minimum thickness of 1.5mm in the posterior region. Standard design comes with a flat plane. Acrylic may be added.


Product Advantages

  • High impact
  • Crystal clear
  • Standard flat plane
  • Digitally designed and printed
  • BPA-free and non-allergenic
  • Made in America


  • Removable RX

A full-coverage splint with an even, flat occlusal surface providing contact for the opposing teeth.

  • Full occlusal coverage
  • No guidance
  • No ramp
  • Even, flat occlusal surface
  • Point contact for each opposing tooth

Lower: Same as upper

A full-coverage splint with an anterior acrylic ramp that provides lateral and protrusive guidance against the opposing arch during function.

  • Full occlusal coverage
  • Lateral and protrusive incisal guidance
  • Anterior acrylic ramp
  • Std angle 5° greater than required to disclude posterior teeth
  • Std protrusive and lateral length extends from contact point to just beyond the labial surface of the upper anteriors (approx. 4-6mm)
  • Point contact from lower posterior buccal cusp tips

Lower: Same as upper, point contact from upper lingual cusp tips

An anterior deprogrammer designed with a flat anterior bite plate to disclude posterior teeth. All interferences are removed.

  • 5-5 occlusal coverage
  • Open enough to eliminate interferences during function
  • No guidance
  • No ramp
  • 4-point contact of opposing anteriors
  • Option: minimal vertical opening so posterior teeth are just slightly out of contact. Ideal for patients with a deep bite.

Lower: Same as upper

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