Chairside Services

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Gather a group of dental professionals, and you’ll find that digital technology usually dominates the conversation. However, we know that there’s no technological advancement that can replace a relationship. That’s why Peterson Dental Lab’s dedicated technicians are on the road every day, serving dentists and patients from Miami all the way to Port St. Lucie.

One of our three technicians can be the difference between a case that’s stressful and a case that’s successful!

Value of a Chairside Tech:

• To help doctors make their challenging cases successful

• To serve as a liaison between clinicians, the patient, and the lab team

• To ensure immediate successful results and avoid wasting costly chairtime

Results to Your Practice:

• Satisfy your patients’ high expectations with shades that match existing dentition

• Eliminate inconveniencing your patients with additional appointments

• Reduce time and cost associated with returning cases to lab

• Improve patient treatment planning

• Build patient confidence with exceptional personal attention

• Reduce office frustration and stress

Ready to get started? Call our office at (561) 272-6662 (x123) to schedule your appointment with one of our chairside technicians.

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