The IvoBase System: Unparalleled Accuracy and Fit

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We’ve always said that our ultimate goal at Peterson Dental is to make people smile. We want to bring smiles to the faces of our dental partners, their team members, and most of all, to every patient who receives one of our products. The IvoBase System is one exciting way we achieve beautiful smiles.

We know patients want to have confidence in their new smiles: to know that their teeth are secure, and that they won’t have to worry about embarrassing odors. That’s why we craft dentures and All-on-4’s that are processed using the IvoBase System, which creates a dense, non-porous surface.

Our CDT’s have found that the IvoBase System is a superior choice for our implant hybrids and dentures because of improved strength, fit, and overall customer satisfaction. With the IvoBase system, the chemical shrinkage of the resin is entirely compensated during polymerization, thanks to the patented temperature control in the flask and the heater. This enables the fabrication of denture bases featuring high accuracy and fit.


A few more advantages of the IvoBase System:

  • High accuracy of fit due to shrinkage compensation
  • Very low residual monomer content of <1% due to residual monomer reduction (RMR)
  • Outstanding bond with resin teeth
  • Compact, modern and ergonomic design; requires only a small space
  • High basal gloss
  • Less odor & staining due to dense bubble-free acrylic base
  • Various shades available, including the option for a heightened opacity

As with any product we offer, you can count on Peterson Dental Lab to deliver a final product that is customized for your patient. Our team carefully selects and sets teeth based on your patient’s age, masculine or feminine facial features, shade and tissue contours. A certified CDT will accompany your case as it flows though our facility, and our dedicated staff is available via phone or email for any inquiries or updates. We even offer chair side services at your request!

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Chris Peterson, CDTWritten by Chris Peterson, CDT and Vice President of Peterson Dental

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