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Rhein83 Ball Bar Overdenture

A removable denture with a milled metal frame over milled bar with Rhein ball attachments

The Rhein83 Ball Bar Overdenture is a denture supported by milled primary bar with semi-precision Rhein83 Sphere ball attachments. This bar provides improved anterior and posterior stability in comparison to a standard overdenture fixed to abutments. At Peterson, we add rigidity and decrease attachment replacement by integrating a milled superstructure titanium frame.


Product Advantages

  • Milled primary bar in titanium
  • Rhein83 sphere ball attachments tapped in-house
  • Milled titanium superstructure frame
  • Authentic Rhein83 sphere ball attachments utilized
  • All steps completed in-house at Peterson Dental Lab
  • Made in America

The Peterson Advantage compared to competitors

  • Quality control - every case is a case planned by a CDT
  • Total tech design
  • Implant bar milled in-house
  • Superstructure milled in-house
  • Tapping attachments: all parts tapped in parallel position on a precision mill
  • Polishing: automated medical device polishing system
  • Processing: traditional acrylic processing by master technicians


  • RX - Removable Full Arch
  • IFU - Bite Rim
  • Checklist - Esthetic & Function for Full Arch

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