Next-Day Provisionals with the MicronMapper and 3Shape Trios

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When you’re delivering a next-day provisional, tensions are running high. The patient wants their smile back, and you’ll do anything to make it fit. What if there was a way to guarantee a comfortable patient experience and a perfect fit, every single time?

The solution: Capturing Records with the MicronMapper and 3Shape Trios

We made the investment so you don’t have to! When our Chairside Technicians capture the records, Peterson Dental will guarantee the fit on delivery day. Our Chairside Technicians will come to your office to digitize, bringing our technology and expertise. Together, we’ll create an unforgettable, white glove experience for each and every patient who needs a next-day smile.

The Workflow at a Glance



Is Chairside Service included in the provisional cost?

The surgeon typically covers the cost for the lab to verify their abutment placement and to digitize the patient. Please consult with your oral surgeon.

Can I use my own tenting screws?

If this is your first time with us, it’s required that your team use Salvin Tenting Screws. You can supply your own by ordering the kit, or we can provide them for a fee. The Salvin screws have a 5mm wide head and our lab has sandblasted the heads so that they are easier to scan. If we supply, you will be invoiced for screws used (typically 3), the drill bit, and screwdriver.

I don’t have an intra oral scanner to scan the fiducial markers prior to the start of surgery. Is this a problem?

No problem. You can also capture a physical upper and lower impression and pour with SnapStone. This must occur after fiducial markers are inserted. Please pour up these models immediately so they are ready to scan when the Chairside Technician arrives.

If you do not wish to capture physical impressions, a chairside technician can come to your practice and scan the fiducial markers for an additional fee.

Can someone come to the restorative office and assist in the delivery?

Yes, we would be glad to assist. Additional fees apply.

Why do you use the Micron Mapper™ & 3Shape Trios™ scanner?

The Trios™ is used to capture the restorative arch’s tissue position. The Micron Mapper™ is only used to capture the implant locations. The lab uses both data records to fabricate your prosthesis. Your practice is responsible for capturing the patient records prior to the start of surgery (with fiducial records captured) unless you request our team to accomplish this.

What time should I start my surgery?

It is important for our team to be finished scanning the patient by 11:30 AM. The lab cut off time is 12:00 PM for the next day provisional. We recommend the multi-unit abutments be seated by 10:30-11:00 AM. Most specialists start surgery between 7:00-8:00AM.

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