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Screw-Retained Crown

Milled crown with titanium base

At Peterson we realize the advantages of screw-retained restorations. We see that over 75% of our customers prescribe this method of treatment and that's why we stock over 98% of all implant connection components. You'll never hear the phrase, “we had to order parts," from our team.

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Product Advantages

  • Multi-layered zirconia
  • ASC (Angulated Screw Channel) option
  • Final screw included
  • Flat fees
  • FDA compliant
  • Made in America

Additional details


  • RX - Implant Crown & Bridge

Requesting screw-retained is no longer a guessing game. We stock ASC (Angulated Screw Channel) titanium bases along with straight bases to meet your specific case needs. The ASC base allows for up to 25 degrees of screw angulation correction allowing more cases to be screw-retained.

Please note that if you request screw-retained and an ASC (Angulated Screw Channel) tibase is required, it will be completed automatically. An implant screw form is sent with each case that will identify if you need the standard implant manufacturer latch tip or if you will need an ASC Peterson latch tip to deliver your case. It is recommended that all Peterson Dental Lab customers contact our team to order their own ASC Latch Tip that is compatible with most implant torque wrenches. Click here to order a driver. 

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