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Screw-Mentable Crowns

Crown with custom abutment cemented at lab

At Peterson, we always strive to provide the best patient-specific restorations available. A Screw-Mentable is essentially a crown with a hole that is cemented to a custom abutment. Cement control occurs indirectly at the lab. The Screw-Mentable is the ideal screw-retained restoration that our team members would place in their own mouths. Each abutment is designed in CAD/CAM software to provide your patient with the ideal emergence profile, margin depth, and crown to abutment ratio to make the most esthetic and reliable solution possible.


Product Advantages

  • Custom emergence profile milled into abutment
  • Multi-layered zirconia
  • Final screw included
  • Flat fees
  • FDA compliant
  • Made in America

Additional details


Why select a Screw-Mentable over a screw-retained crown utilizing a titanium base?

Titanium bases utilized in screw-retained crowns are stock parts. Their emergence profile and height are not always the best suited for each clinical situation. Choosing a Screw-Mentable utilizes a custom abutment that can be customized to any patient. A good rule of thumb for not utilizing a titanium base is that the base should not be less than ½ to ⅓ total length of your restoration.

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