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Ceramic Crowns

Milled lithium disilicate

Lithium disilicate ceramic crowns are designed for optimal esthetics and strength. Virtually perfect contact and occlusion can be achieved through advanced CAD/CAM milling processes. Its flexural strength of 500 MPa makes this a superior anterior and posterior restoration when zirconia and PFMs are not desired. Veneers, inlays and onlays disappear with minimal prepping, creating a natural and esthetic appearance.


Product Advantages

  • Lithium disilicate material (superior life-like ceramic esthetics)
  • Industrial milled (superior margin fit compared to chairside milling)
  • Exceptional strength (Tested to 500 MPa Strength)
  • Minimal adjustments (CAD/CAM designed to your accounts specifications)
  • Made in America

At Peterson Dental Laboratory, anterior units are layered for increased translucence at the incisal edge as a standard for esthetics unless noted in the prescription.

Preparation Instructions

  • Chamfer or shoulder prep with 4º-8º axial wall taper
  • Minimum of 1.5mm occlusal clearance
  • No feather edge margins
  • At least 1mm chamfer margin

Bonded or Cement?

Your choice: both will work for this restoration! However, for short preparations with little retention, bonding is recommended. Etch for 20 seconds with IPS ceramic etching gel.


  • Single units & veneer
  • Implant Restorations


  • Less than 1.4mm clearance in posterior
  • Less than 1.2mm clearance in anterior
  • Bruxer patient
  • Posterior bridges

ADA Codes

  • D2740 crown
  • D2610 inlays for 1 surface
  • D2620 inlays for 2 surfaces
  • D2630 inlays for 3 surfaces
  • D2962 labial veneer
  • D2783 crown 3/4 porcelain ceramic (does not include veneer)
  • D6058 Abutment supported porcelain / ceramic
  • D6065 Implant supported porcelain / ceramic


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