Ask the Petersons: What Screw is This?

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Every day, our phones are flooded with calls from dentists seeking help and advice from our expert technicians. In our effort to provide superior service, we’ve decided to address our most frequently asked questions here on the blog. Got a question? Let us know, and we’ll answer it next month!

Dear Mike and Chris,

I’m constantly calling your lab for help identifying screws. How can I tell the difference? Please help!

-A Disoriented Dentist

Dear Disoriented,

You’re not alone! Many customers call our lab on a weekly basis asking for help identifying screws. These days it seems like we are living in the wild wild west. Every month a new company unveils their take on the “All on Four” concepts with a battery of components to support their spin on this ever-popular solution.

To help, we have gathered together 18 screws from 11 of the most popular implant companies and placed them side by side. In doing this, we hope to help out your staff the next time a screw-retained hybrid enters your practice.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 4.29.37 PM

You can download your own PDF file of this resource by clicking this link: Hybrid Screws. We recommend laminating a copy and posting it in your office for easy reference.

We love providing helpful resources for our clinical partners. Check out our Resources page for helpful downloads such as prescription forms, clinical checklists, and much more.

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Mike and Chris


Mike and Chris Peterson are Certified Dental Technicians who have been serving the South Florida dental community for decades. This father-son team is passionate about creating beautiful smiles!

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