Case Packaging & Sending

Please take care in packaging your cases so that we may deliver a quality case and the service your deserve. Broken models will result in less predictable and ill-fitting prosthetics, which means a new impression. Providing exceptional service to you and your patient is our most important goal.

What to send to the laboratory

  • Disinfect all case materials, place in bag and seal.
  • Wrap all models individually with bubble wrap.
  • Fill excess space. No extra space should be in bag or box to prevent movement in shipping.
  • All photos need to be placed in plastic seal bag.
  • All crowns, bridges, shade tabs, and USB's need to be placed in a small separate container.
  • Articulator & face-bow: please ship all models off articulators and wrapped individually. Please wrap face-box separately.

Protect Your Case

Contact us if you do not have proper shipping supplies and we will assist you. If you are a new customer please call the lab at 561-272-6662 and we will send you a starter kit with everything you will need to send your first case.

Schedule a Pickup

Customers in the South Florida Tri-County Area

Pickups | All pickups are free! Call us today at 561-272-6662 or email us at [email protected] to schedule one today.

  • Pickups scheduled BEFORE 1pm will be made the SAME day between 1:00pm and 5:00 pm.
  • Pickups scheduled AFTER 1pm will be made the next business day between 8:00am and 12:00pm.

Deliveries | All deliveries are $7 in the Tri-County area and will be delivered via delivery driver, courier company or mail based on location and availability.

Customers Outside of the South Florida Tri-County Area:

Pickups | All pickups are free for two-day shipping! Please navigate to the shipping area of our website to generate your free two-day shipping label. If you need a shipping label which requires an earlier pickup method, please call the office at 561-272-6662.

Deliveries | All deliveries are $12 for two-day shipping.


Send a Case Digitally

Peterson Dental Laboratory accepts digital impressions from most major systems. Sending your case is as easy as a click of a button. For years Peterson Dental Laboratory has been the go-to lab for precision fitting restorations. Get precision with digital impressions!


  • Login to your Doctor’s portal
  • Call iTero support directly at 1-800-577-8767 to set up our account in their system – give them the Peterson Dental Lab ID number to connect: 6570


  • Login into your CS Connect
  • In the toolbar, click the “People” icon
  • In the Partners window, click "Invite a Partner"
  • In the email field, enter the email address for Peterson: [email protected]
  • In the message box, either leave the default text or write in your own message
  • Click "Send" – the invitation is sent to the lab and a Partner entry is created in the list of Partners
  • When the lab logs into CS Connect, we will be able to accept the invitation at that time

Sirona (Cerec)

*If you or your team members experience any issues, watch this helpful YouTube tutorial:

  • Click on "Add" from your IOS software
  • This will take you to the website,
  • Under "My Account," click on "My Favorite Laboratories"
  • Click "Search Labs" and scroll down
  • Click on "United States"
  • Enter the Peterson Dental Lab zip code: “33445”
  • Click "Start Search"
  • Find Peterson Dental Lab and click the plus sign in the far right column under “Add”
  • Once it loads, you can exit and Peterson Dental Lab should be added
  • Login to your 3Shape account
  • Click on "Add Connections"
  • Type in the Peterson Dental Lab email address: [email protected]
  • Peterson Dental Lab will come up. Click "Connect"
  • Sign in through your Medit Link account
  • Click on "Partners" in the left hand column
  • Click on "Search for Partners" at the top
  • Click in the search bar and type in the Peterson Dental Lab email address: [email protected]
  • Peterson Dental Lab will pop up. Click on us to add us as a partner
  • Add Peterson Dental Lab via email invitation: [email protected]
  • Peterson will get the notification to accept through their portal

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