Why should you hire a Chairside Specialist?


Working together to achieve successful outcomes.

At Peterson Dental Lab, we seek to provide open communication between our lab and the clinicians we serve. We know that in working together, we can achieve the ideal prosthetic for each unique patient.

We understand that not everything can be solved over the phone and that it may take additional assistance to achieve the best outcomes for your patients.


That’s where our Chairside Specialists come in!

We believe that with the help of Peterson’s expert chairside specialists, both clinicians and their patients will experience greater case success in a shorter period of time.

Why should you hire a Chairside Specialist?

  • Skill: Our specialists are a mix of certified dental assistants and lab technicians. Each specialist is trained inside and outside of the lab, and they bring their knowledge and experience on a variety of cases into any appointment. They have seen how the products come together from the doctor’s diagnosis to the finished product, giving you the confidence to succeed in any and all cases.
  • Service: Our team is able to come into nearly any situation to help you with nearly any procedure in which you may require assistance. We work hard to make things easy for our clinicians, so not only are our services affordable, they’re also incredibly simple to schedule.
  • IOS Scanning: Our specialists are trained and certified in the 3Shape Trios scanning technology. In order to scan your patient and deliver it directly to the lab, specialists will be able to come into your office with a mobile scanner so there will be no need for you to purchase an expensive scanner. All in all, this will save clinicians both time and money.


How will working with a Chairside Specialist benefit your practice?

  • Less Time and Lower Costs: The presence of a Chairside Specialist means that your patient won’t be inconvenienced with additional appointments, and cases won’t have to be returned to the lab.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Patients feel confident when they receive exceptional personal attention from our chairside specialists, and you’ll find that exceeding their high expectations is made even easier!
  • A Seamless Experience: From the treatment planning to the final appointment, your office will experience less frustration and stress when working with a chairside assistant.

From capturing records to communicating extensive details to the lab, our Chairside Specialists can provide you with effective solutions that will ensure a greater result for your patients. 

For more information or to schedule your next Chairside appointment, call us at 561-272-6662 or email us at [email protected]. Click here for details on scheduling and pricing.

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