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Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Digitally designed and printed esthetic mock-up

Our smile designs are crafted by real technicians and produced on our high-end 4K definition 3D printers. Want to see your case before it's printed? Then request a design approval and a technician can send you a link to view a 3D CAD file or pictures to your email. Our team can also provide a chairside siltec matrix for you to produce a “mock-up” of your patient's smile.

Diagnostic wax up_3D printed

Product Advantages

  • Digital design (easily adaptable for patient requests)
  • 3D printed (no wax to break off)
  • Printed in light beige color (improved visibility to fine details compared to white wax)
  • Convert to temps (Reduced time to create temps)
  • Design .STl file included (free if requested)
  • Made in America


  • Crown & Bridge RX
  • Crown Comparison Chart
  • Full Arch Fixed Esthetic & Function Work Up

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