A removable denture fixed directly or indirectly to abutments

Implant overdentures are great options for added stability compared to traditional dentures. The added stability comes from anchoring the denture to 2 or more abutments. Locators or ball abutments are the two preferred types of abutments utilized at Peterson Dental Lab.


Product Advantages

  • Premium denture teeth
  • Authentic locator abutments
  • Titanium frame milled in-house
  • Made in America

Indirect or Direct Processing of Attachments?

It is always recommended to process locator housings chairside. This method provides the best combination of tissue and abutment support resulting in improved fit and long-term implant health. If you would like our team to process them indirectly, please call us and we can supply impression transfers.

Peterson Chairside Processing

We have a team of laboratory technicians who are trained in chairside attachment processing. Whether it's your first time or first time in a while, we can help you.

Metal Reinforced

Dentures supported by implants are more prone to fracture compared to traditional dentures because of the additional implant support. For that reason, all overdentures crafted by Peterson Dental Lab will incorporate a custom-milled titanium metal frame. This frame is 60% lighter than traditional cast non-precious frames.


  • RX - Removable Full Arch
  • IFU - Bite Rim
  • Checklist - Esthetic & Function for Full Arch

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