Communication Leads to Success – Launch of Net Promotor Score Platform

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The art of communication is the language of leadership – James Humes

At Peterson, we understand that communication between the Laboratory and the Dentist can make or break a relationship.

Research tells us that the top 5 reasons why dentists change laboratories are the following:

  1. Inconsistent quality/technical problems (66%)
  2. Prices were higher than they wanted to pay (26%)
  3. Delayed turnaround time (25%)
  4. Poor relationship/poor communication (22%)
  5. Prescriptions not being thoroughly or carefully read and filled (16%)

Source: LMT Research Department, 2013

In February 2018, Peterson launched Labworthy’s Net Promotor Score “NPS” platform to measure our customer loyalty and increase retention of our dentists. Our goal with this platform is to give our dentists the opportunity to give Peterson constructive feedback.

A monthly email will be sent out asking for your feedback on how likely you are to refer Peterson Dental Lab to another Dentist and your opinion how we can improve. We ask you to be candid with your responses, so we can clearly see areas that would benefit from our increased attention.

At Peterson, we are striving to be the best extension of your dental practice. We thank you in advance for your feedback! With your help we can turn real time responses/comments into fuel for positive change.

If you have not yet received the NPS email and would like to give Peterson feedback, use the following link:

– by Jenny Peterson, Peterson Dental Lab Controller




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