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601 North Congress Avenue Suite #111A
Delray Beach, FL 33445
Phone: 561-272-6662
Email: [email protected]

Who to call

Purchasing Agent and Inventory Control, Direct Line: 561-501-0423, Main Office Ext. 118

Teresa Shoe: Accounts Receivables and Director of First Impressions, Direct Line: 561-717-0673, Main Office Ext. 126

Jenny van Eyk: Controller, Direct Line: 561-206-3139, Main Office Ext. 130

Michael Peterson: President, Direct Line: 561-501-2337, Main Office Ext. 129

Christopher Peterson: Vice President, Direct Line: 561-501-2314, Main Office Ext. 120

Maggie McCafferty Director of Sales and Marketing, 561-272-6662, Main Office Ext.103

Barbara Heine: Customer Service, 561-272-6662, Main Office Ext.117

Denise Ganio: Customer Service and Chairside Services Scheduler, 561-272-6662, Main Office Ext.123

Kim Kenney: Customer Service and Chairside Services Scheduler, 561-272-6662, Main Office Ext. 105

Glenda Hernandez: Office Supervisor, 561-272-6662, Main Office Ext. 103

Michael Peterson: Palm Beach, Direct Line: 561-206-3138, Main Office Ext.129

Bricey Oakes: Palm Beach, Direct Line: 561-526-3815

Camille Martin: Broward, Direct Line: 561-528-4841

Mari Abad-Cabrera: Miami-Dade, Direct Line: 561-501-8249

Jo Baez: SW Florida, Direct Line: 561-528-4840

John Rano: Director of Digital Manufacturing, Direct Line: 561-501-2321, Main Office Ext.108

Mark Spradling: CDT, Ceramics Manager, Direct Line: 561-501-2318, Main Office Ext.107

Sue Hayes: CDT, Fixed Manager / Implant Specialist, Direct Line: 561-501-2336, Main Office Ext.106

Mark Williamson: Removable Supervisor, 561-272-6662, Main Office Ext.113

Denisse Hernandez: Director of Manufacturing and Operations, Direct Line: 561-501-2329, Main Office Ext. 104

Michael Ostro: Lab Manager, Direct Line: 561-332-1852, Main Office Ext. 132

Some of our Certifications & Associations

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