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Case Packaging & Sending

Please take care in packaging your cases so that we may deliver a quality case and the service your deserve. Broken models will result in less predictable and ill-fitting prosthetics, which mean a new impression. Our service to you and your patient are most important to us.

Steps for sending a case:

  • Disinfect all case materials, place in bag and seal.
  • Wrap all models individually with bubble wrap.
  • Fill excess space. No extra space should be in bag or box to prevent movement in shipping.
  • All photos need to be placed in plastic seal bag.
  • All crowns, bridges, shade tabs, USBs need to be placed in a small separate container.
  • Articulator & face-bow: please ship all models off articulators and wrapped individually. Please wrap face-box separately.

Protect Your Case
Contact us if you do not have proper shipping supplies and we will assist you. If you are a new customer please call the lab at 561-272-6662 and we will send you a starter kit with everything you will need to send your first case.

Peterson Dental Laboratory provides free pickups in the South Florida Tri-County area, call 561.272.6662 to schedule. For offices outside the tri-country area, free 2Day shipping is available. There is a return shipping fee of $7 in the tri-county and $12 outside the tri-county.

If you require a faster turnaround time than ground shipping will allow, we will provide second day or next day air for a fee. Please contact our office to find out how to qualify for free shipping.

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