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PMMA Provisionals

Milled multi-layered temporary

PMMA provisionals are milled out of a dense, multi-layered puck and do not have the porosity of traditional hand-processed techniques, reducing breakage and chair time! These translucently layered, milled provisionals offer a natural look.


Product Advantages

  • Multi-layered PMMA (improved patient experience)
  • Design approval option (no surprises!)
  • High strength (reduced fractures compared to chairside temps)
  • Reduced chair time (CAD/CAM precision contact and prep reduction)
  • Made in America

What to send to the laboratory

  • Impression and models
  • Bite registration
  • Shade
  • Photos
  • Kois Fox Plane


  • Crowns and bridges
  • Implant temporaries


  • This is NOT a final
  • Sensitivity to acrylic resins

ADA Codes

  • D2799 crown
  • D6793 crown bridge
  • D6253 crown pontic


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