ZimmerBiomet ENCODE

Authentic abutment from ZimmerBiomet

The Encode process is a simplified digital approach to restoring ZimmerBiomet (now “Zimvi” dental implants. The Encode healing abutments has notches on the top that transfer implant information to the lab such as implant type, size, and rotation.


Product Advantages

  • Simplified restorative approach
  • No impression transfer to utilize
  • Made in America

Encode Empowered?

Peterson Dental Lab was one of the 1st Encode Empowered dental labs in the country. We are located just 10 miles from ZimmerBiomet’s National headquarters. Over the years, our team has visited this facility many times for training and has had former ZimmerBioment employees come to join our team.


  • RX - Implant Crown & Bridge
  • Encode Impression System
  • Encode Restorative Procedure
  • Encode Surgical Procedure

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