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Acrylic Partials

Digitally designed and milled teeth

Peterson interim partials are all digitally manufactured with maximum retention and esthetics in mind. Teeth and saddles areas are milled in monolithic, multi-layered tooth-colored PMMA and have pink added when needed after milling. Whether you are looking for a single tooth flipper or cross palate coverage, we have you “covered.”


Product Advantages

  • Precision Digital Fit
  • Monolithic Multi-layered Teeth
  • Design Data Saved
  • Re-Create without new Impression
  • Made in America

Need Another Flipper?

If at any point your patient’s flipper breaks, we have a digital copy and can send you another without the need to capture a new impression. Creating a new restoration only works if the clinical situation has not changed from the original records sent.


  • RX - Removable
  • IFU - Bite Rim

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