“Voices from the Bench” Podcast Features Chris Peterson


Chris Peterson isn’t always the chattiest person at parties and social events, but once he starts talking about the dental industry, it’s hard to get him to stop! This May at the annual Florida Dental Lab Association meeting, Chris had the opportunity to sit down with the hosts of “Voices from the Bench” and engage in an insightful, and at times personal, conversation on topics ranging from the dental lab to family life.

We hope you’ll tune in to hear Chris’s take on the current state of the industry, the latest dental technology, and Peterson Dental lab’s evolution over the past 35 years. The podcast was recorded just days after the birth of Chris’s third daughter, and he shares what it’s like to raise a young family while leading a growing business!

How to Tune In

Check out the Voices from the Bench Facebook page for a link to listen, or search for “Voices from the Bench” in any of the applications you use to listen to podcasts. Let us know if you have any follow-up questions for Chris. We’d love to hear from you!

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