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Acrylic Hybrid

Multi-layered PMMA bonded to a milled bar

Our Acrylic Hybrid is completely digitally manufactured. Gone are the days of denture teeth and the potential for them to “pop off." All cases are verified for function and esthetics, utilizing a digitally designed printed try-in device after the VDO has been established. We design the bar and teeth simultaneously to provide optimal tooth support. The teeth are milled in multi-layered PMMA.


Product Advantages

  • Try-In Device Verification (verify function & esthetics prior to making restoration)
  • Milled Teeth (PMMA Teeth will not “pop off” like denture teeth can)
  • Composite Gingiva (Reduced Odor & Discoloration)
  • Bar Milled In-House (Reduced Turnaround time and Increased Design Quality)
  • Made in America


  • Full Arch Fixed Cases
  • FP2 & FP3 Restorative Space


  • FP1 Design (“Crown & Bridge” design)
  • Bruxing patients

ADA Codes

  • D6078 implant /abutment supported fixed denture for completely edentulous arch


  • Final Hybrid RX
  • Comparison Chart - Full Arch Fixed
  • IFU - SR Bite Rim
  • IFU - Try-In Device for hybrid
  • IFU - Fixed Full Arch - Digital Workflow Single Arch

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