Why do Hybrids Break? Part 1

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Part 1: Weak Acrylic

The Problem: Failure of acrylic on screw-retained removable prosthetics

The Cause: Traditional packed acrylic

Throughout the last 5 years we have been blessed to have processed thousands of All on 4’s. In this time, we have learned about many reasons that cause restorative clinical failures. Acrylic is one of the weak links in a screw retained hybrid. Acrylic is molded around a rigidly fixed bar that is retained by implants….and that bar and implants do not move! Ever had acrylic pop off a hybrid?

A Solution: A systematic approach to injecting All on 4’s with acrylic

Back in February, the team at Peterson started evaluating different acrylic processing systems. After this search, we landed on the Ivobase system from Ivoclar. This is a fully automatic computerized injection system for acrylic. The system is modelled on established high-tech products in terms of its ease of handling and precision. Its processes are guided, controlled and fully automated. The material complies with the latest research results – for the well-being of all the parties involved: patients, dentists and dental technicians.

Results: Improvements to our All on 4’s and Full Dentures

  • Consistency- The system uses predosed capsules, so acrylic ratios are always correct and not left up to human error. Hybrids going out the door now have extremely consistent acrylic.
  • Strength- Our acrylic is 25% stronger than typical processed acrylic
  • Longevity- Our acrylic absorbs 28% less water, resulting in longer-lasting restorations.

As with any product we offer, you can count on Peterson Dental Lab to deliver a final product that is customized for your patient. Our team carefully selects and sets teeth based on your patient’s age, masculine or feminine facial features, shade and tissue contours. A certified CDT will accompany your case as it flows though our facility, and our dedicated staff is available via phone or email for any inquiries or updates. We even offer chair side services at your request!

Interested in visiting our lab, or having us come to your office? Contact Wayne, and let’s get started! You can reach Wayne at (561) 272- 6662 (x114).

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Written by Chris Peterson, CDT and Vice President of Peterson Dental




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