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Metal Partials

MIlled titanium partial frame

All Peterson Dental Lab partials are fully designed and manufactured through CAD/CAM technology. Each partial is digitally designed and then milled on our industrial 5-axis milling machines. Our frames are all milled in titanium, which is 60% lighter than typical cast frames. Titanium frames are also not susceptible to porosity, typically observed in casted or 3D printed frames. This results in less breakage. After digitally designing and milling your partial, it is seated to the master cast by hand. Very little adjustment is needed because of the ability to accurately digitally survey the master cast.

After seating your case, it will go through our DLyte Process. This is a medical-grade, biocompatible automated polishing process. This process respects our machining tolerances and initial shapes designed by our skilled technicians. The results are stunning! We guarantee the ultimate fit for your patient.


Product Advantages

  • Milled titanium frame
  • High polish (automated medical device polishing system)
  • Premium denture teeth
  • Design data saved
  • Made in America

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