Nobel ASC Abutments Changing Dentistry

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Fractured porcelain, irretrievability, limited driver space, component limitations and the nemesis of tissue, cement. These are some of the challenges many clinicians have struggled with in the posterior region.

At Peterson Dental Laboratory we have a solution. Partnering with Nobel Biocare allows us to offer the ASC (Angled Screw Channel) zirconia abutment. This evolution of CAD/CAM dentistry allows for easy flexibility in normally compromising situations. Gone are the days of your lab tech calling you to say “Doc, I think this one needs to be cement-retained.” The screw access channel can be tilted up to 25 degrees in any direction, giving you flexibility when implant placement prohibits a desirable access channel in your restoration.

This restorative solution is only available on Nobel Biocare conical connection NP, RP, and WP implants.

Ready to say goodbye to cement? Call Tech Support @ 561.272.6662 or Email us.  You can also reach out to your local your Nobel Biocare representative.

Chris Peterson, CDT

Chris Peterson, CDT
VP & Owner Peterson Dental Laboratory, Inc.

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