FCZ Esthetic

Super translucent multi-layered full contour zirconia

The FCZ Esthetic restoration is a highly esthetic full zirconia restoration utilized when esthetics are required along with function. Producing a flexural strength of 750 Mpa and translucency that surpasses the normal full contour zirconia, this is a great choice for the mandibular anterior esthetic area.


Product Advantages

  • Super translucent zirconia (competes with e.max)
  • Multi-layered color zirconia (improved depth of color)
  • Made in America

Preparation Instructions

  • Chamfer or shoulder margin
  • Minimal 0.5 mm marginal reduction
  • 1-1.5 mm occlusal reduction
  • NO knife edge margin
  • NO sharp angles

What to send to the laboratory

  • Impression & models
  • Bite registration
  • Shade
  • Photos
  • Kois Fox Plane


  • Resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement, zinc phosphate cement, dual-cure resin cement
  • Dual cure cement may require increased cement spacer
  • Do NOT cement with plain glass ionomer cements
  • Ensure inside of crown clean with Ivoclean


  • Single and Bridges up to 3 units


  • Less than 1mm occlusal clearance

ADA Codes

  • D2740 crown-porcelain/ceramic substrate
  • D6058 – abutment supported porcelain/ ceramic
  • D6065- implant supported porcelain/ ceramic

For Bridges

  • D6740 crown – porcelain/ ceramic
  • D6245 pontic – porcelain/ceramic (bridge units)
  • D6068 abutment supported porcelain/ ceramic
  • D6075 implant supported porcelain/ ceramic
  • D6740 crown – porcelain/ceramic (bridge units)


  • Crown & Bridge RX
  • Crown Comparison Chart
  • Ivoclar Cementation Navigation Guide
  • Ivoclar Cementation Chart
  • Ivoclar Reduction Instruments Ceramic & Zirconia

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