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Immediate Denture

Digital milled monolithic denture

Digital dentures are now a reality. Specialized equipment, software, and advanced materials have been paired with the discerning eye of a technician to create this digital denture. The intended purpose of this denture is to be used for immediate placement post-surgery without try-ins. The denture can be delivered in its supplied design or converted chairside and have the palate and flanges removed. Since it is monolithic, there is no need to worry about the teeth debonding or the denture base breaking during the conversion process.


Product Advantages

  • Milled monolithic strength (strength needed for denture conversions)
  • Design approval (verify esthetics prior to manufacturing)
  • Digital records saved (flexibility of workflows to create final denture in the future)
  • Made in America

Additional Information

  • Necessary Patient Records

    We accept traditional or digital impressions. Send an impression and a well-marked occlusal record device (wax rim), bite, opposing and picture of the patient smiling (with the wax rim in place). Aesthetic and functional dentures can be created and returned ready for seating.

    Occlusal Record Device (wax-rim) Work:

    • Contour labial and palatal surfaces
    • High smile line
    • Cuspid and midline
    • Lips at rest line
  • Confidence with Redesigns

    Peterson’s goal is to eliminate resets. In the event that a new denture is needed, you can have the confidence knowing that Peterson can create a new denture at fraction of the cost. Make all occlusal adjustments to the final denture and use a thin Sharpie to mark any changes. Don’t forget to capture a few pictures! Peterson will design a new denture with these changes in mind and send you a design approval prior to creating your new denture. This will be at a fraction of the cost of stripping, resetting teeth, and processing a new denture.

    Peterson Dental Laboratory stores all digital records, and a duplicate denture is just a phone call away.

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