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Fixed Acetal Provisionals

Provisional for the bruxing patient

Peterson’s Acetal provisional is a reliable long term option for immediately loading a full arch patient. This high-strength material is very versatile and can provisonalize patients with extreme functional needs. This material is prized for its brawn, not necessarily for its beauty, because it has a monochromatic look. We recommend this for patients who are not highly concerned with esthetics during the provisional stage, but for those who have compromising implant sites and or functional needs. Each case is quality-controlled by a CDT experienced in full arch reconstruction prior to manufacturing. Each case is specifically designed for your patient and milled on industrial 5 axis machines.


Product Advantages

  • Virtually unbreakable (strength when needed in compromised situations)
  • Digitally designed (denture conversion are unpredictable)
  • Hygienically designed (Milled restoration can be made more hygienic than denture conversion)
  • ASC interfaces available (Angulated Screw Channel can high esthetically compromised screw holes)
  • 12 month warranty (denture conversions not warranteed)


  • Full Arch Immediate Load Provisional
  • When strength is valued during osseointegration more than esthetics
  • Reduced restorative space (we recommend this for most fixed full arch FP1 designs)
  • Implants placed palatal and facially in compromising locations
  • Large cantilevers
  • Patient in provisional for extended time


  • Highly Esthetic Patients


  • Provisional Hybrid RX
  • Comparison Chart - Full Arch Fixed
  • IFU - Fixed Full Arch - Immediate Load Single Arch
  • IFU - Fixed Full Arch - Immediate Load Double Arch

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