At Peterson Dental Laboratory, our cutting-edge technology increases consistency and accuracy, creating exceptional value for our customers.

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When you send a case to Peterson Dental Lab, your prescription will be followed thoroughly and the case delivered on time. Our proprietary computer software with real-time case tracking will assure that your restoration is kept on schedule throughout its entire fabrication process. We employ an experienced team of managers and Certified Dental Technicians to ensure consistent quality standards and provide friendly, knowledgeable service and technical support.

As technology is changing our industry, we are implementing more CAD/CAM equipment and software into our process. Thanks to CAD/CAM, we have made great strides in case-to-case consistency. This technology has proven to be reliable and efficient in making restorations with more positive results, and we trust that you will see that in our workmanship.

Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge

Peterson Dental Laboratory is experienced in completing your most challenging crown and bridge cases from start to finish. We understand the trust taken when partnering with a laboratory and are committed to delivering accurate shades, precise margins, and timely deliveries. Whether you choose a zirconia, ceramic, PFM, full gold or provisional restoration, you can trust Peterson Dental Laboratory to deliver consistent results time and time again.


Porcelain layered to zirconia


Multi-layered full-contour zirconia

FCZ Esthetic

Super translucent multi-layered full-contour zirconia


Porcelain fused to zirconia

Full Metal

Full contour milled metal

PMMA Provisionals

Milled multi-layered temporary

Diagnostic Wax-Ups

Digitally designed and printed esthetic mock-ups

Ceramic Crowns

Milled lithium disilicate

Full Arch Fixed Provisionals

Fixed Arch Fixed Provisionals

There are many things to consider when partnering with a lab to restore your full mouth case. Peterson recognizes the demanding service level required to provisionalize an “all on X” case. The numbers speak for themselves: we have provisionalized over 5,000 patients and completed over 10,000 definitive fixed full-arch restorations. We are one of the few labs in the country to offer a warranty on our digitized immediate load provisionals. Contact customer service to reserve your next immediate provisional. Please call 1 week in advance.

Fixed PMMA Provisionals

Provisional for the highly esthetic patient

Fixed Acetal Provisionals

Provisional for the bruxing patient.

Full Arch Fixed Finals

Full Arch Fixed Finals

Dentists throughout Florida rely on Peterson to support all their fixed full arch needs. We are a resource whether restoring a straightforward case or your most unique and challenging case. Our large portfolio of full arch fixed solutions, case planning support, and advanced design and milling center will ensure your patient’s success. Our technical team is firm in principles, yet flexible with workflow options to meet your clinical situation.

Zirconia Hybrid (Titanium Base)

Esthetic zirconia anchored with tibases

Zirconia Hybrid (Integrated Bar)

Rigidly supported multi-layered zirconia

Zirconia Hybrid (Prep Bar)

The "Ferrari of Hybrids:" individual teeth on a milled bar

Acrylic Hybrid

Multi-layered PMMA bonded to a milled bar

Full Arch Removable Solutions

Full Arch Removable Solutions

Overdentures and bar overdentures are indicated for patients who desire a more reliable and stable removable denture. This option is also available for patients who don’t meet certain criteria for a full arch fixed solution (“All on X”). These appliances can either be fixed by abutments (overdenture) or through the added stability of a milled primary bar (bar overdenture).

Crafting bar overdenture is truly a lost art, but not at Peterson. We create your case in-house COMPLETELY. Most local or large labs subcontract most aspects and are simply assemblers.

Locator Bar Overdenture

A removable denture with a milled metal frame over milled bar with locator attachments

Hader Bar Overdenture

A removable denture with a milled metal frame over milled Hader bar with Hader attachments

Rhein83 Ball Bar Overdenture

A removable denture with a milled metal frame over milled bar with Rhein ball attachments


A removable denture fixed directly or indirectly to abutments

Crown and Bridge Implant Solutions

Crown and Bridge Implant Solutions

Custom Abutments

Patient-specific milled cement-retained abutments

Screw-Retained Crown

Milled crown with titanium base

Screw-Mentable Crowns

Crown with custom abutment cemented at lab

Nobel Procera Abutments

Authentic abutment from Nobel Procera

Straumann Abutments

Authentic abutment from Straumann

ZimmerBiomet ENCODE

Authentic abutment from ZimmerBiomet



At Peterson Dental Laboratory, we design digital splints with amazing accuracy and consistency, a direct result of our superior technology and laboratory technical training. To complement our technology, we have a variety of splints made in different materials and designs. When selecting a Peterson Dental Splint, first select the splint type (material) then see the list of different occlusal designs options.

Hard Splint

3D printed hard splint

ThermoGuard Splint

3D printed hard splint that self-forms in hot water

Hard/Soft Splint

Thermoformed hard splint with soft silicone liner

Soft Splint

3D printed soft splint

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

TruColor Acrylic Partials

Digitally designed and milled teeth

Metal Partials

Milled titanium partial frame


Prosthetics used to close palatal defects

Full Dentures

Full Dentures

Full Dentures

Esthetic handmade denture with traditional denture teeth

Immediate Dentures

Digital milled monolithic denture

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