Final Hybrids with the MicronMapper and 3Shape Trios

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Even if they leave your office with a beautiful smile, how would the typical patient describe their experience to their friends?

Would they say things like:

“I had to leave work five times.”

“I hated that smelly thing they called a ‘jig!’”

“That scanner was halfway down my throat.”

“I had to come in over and over again for adjustments to that try-in device.”

What if they said this about their experience instead?

“Can you believe they did this in just two appointments?”

With the MicronMapper and 3shape Trios Scanner, we can deliver a Final Hybrid in just TWO appointments!

Give your patients a beautiful smile AND a beautiful experience they won’t be able to stop talking about! It’s possible with the latest technology. We’ve invested so you don’t have to, and we’ll bring it to your office. When our Chairside Technicians capture the records, Peterson Dental will guarantee the fit on delivery day.

The workflow at a glance:


Download the detailed Final Hybrid Clinical Procedure | Download the Full Arch Esthetic RX


Is Chairside Service included in the final hybrid cost?

The first record capturing appointment is FREE. Additional appointments for try-in devices and final delivery is not included.

Do I have to complete an implant verification jig?

No! The accuracy of the MicronMapper™ allows your team to skip the clinical implant verification jig step.

Optional try-in device appointment:

After all occlusal adjustments, the patient must be re-digitized. Please scan both arches, new virtual bite, and complete a new Esthetic RX. If you do not have an intra oral scanner, please schedule a Chairside Technician. This is a model-less process.

Do I return the try-in device?

No. Once you have digitized the patient after the try-in, please keep the try-in device and screws with the patient’s contents at your practice. This is a model-less process and we only need your new digital records.

Why do you use the Micron Mapper™ & 3Shape Trios™ scanner?

The Trios scanner is used to capture the patient’s maxillary and mandibular occlusal relationship. The Micron Mapper™ is only used to capture the implant locations. The lab uses both data records to fabricate your prosthesis.

How much time should I schedule for the patient’s first appointment?

Please schedule 1 hour for a single arch, and 2 hours for a double arch. It is important to have adequete time to capture all digital data required and to esthetically evaluate the patient.

I want to schedule my next Micron Mapper™ case. What do I do?

Call us first! Do not take any clinical records or schedule your patient prior to calling our

Customer Experience Team. Please let our team know if the patient is in a screw-retained provisional or denture when calling to schedule.

Ready to Schedule?

Call or Text us at (561) 272-6662 to schedule your Final Hybrid with the MicronMapper and 3Shape Trios!


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