What’s the Cost of Producing a CEREC Crown?

cost to produce cerec crown

cost to produce cerec crown

We get lots of questions about CEREC crowns: what do they really cost, and do the savings justify the expense?

Allow us to break it down for you:

Cost of CEREC machine:$100,000 on a 5 year (60 month) lease, 5% interest = $1900 month

  • Average amount of units produced per month: 40 /$1900 = $50/unit
  • Average cost of material for CEREC unit = $20/unit
  • Average time to produce a unit =20 min (this takes in to account no learning curve)
  • Average dentist hourly rate* $342 or $114/unit for 20 mins of your time.

$47.50 + $20 + $114 = $181.50

Total base cost of producing 1 CERECunit = $181.50

If $181.50 seems high to you—we agree. And we offer a solution!

Send your STL files to Peterson Dental Lab for Your Intraoral Scans!

When we produce the crowns for you, you’ll save both time and money. Allow us to do what we do best: send us the file, and we’ll handle the rest.

Ready to Get Started?

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*These figures do not include learning curve time and are based on USA data. Dentist hourly rate based on ADA (2005Practice survey)


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