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Getting Started with a Final Full Arch Solution

At Peterson Dental lab we look to simplify and streamline clinical and lab processes. We have simplified full mouth final reconstruction into 4 defined areas: Evaluation, Records, Functional Try-In, and Delivery.

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When starting to restore a full arch patient, one of the most important things to keep in mind is simply knowing what the patient’s expectations are. It is always good to have a clinical protocol to mitigate additional appointments and to clearly communicate to the laboratory what is to be accomplished. Below are two forms to evaluate your patient’s esthetics and functional needs.

  • Full Arch Esthetic & Functional Work Up
  • Comparison Chart - Full Arch Fixed


Master Impression | It is imperative to capture a master impression like you would a full denture impression. All landmarks are extremely important to aid the lab technicians in setting teeth in the correct positions. Not doing so will result in additional chair time.

Restorative Space | We offer three ways to submit restorative space for your patient.

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Functional Try-In

At Peterson, one of our unique differences is that our set-ups are digital. Teeth are no longer set in wax but are designed via CAD/CAM technology and 3D printed. We are no longer bound by stock denture teeth sizes and shapes. We are free to create natural tooth arrangements specific to your patient. An implant verification jig will also be supplied to you at this appointment unless it has already been completed. Use the forms below to help evaluate your patient at the try-in appointment.

  • Full Arch Esthetic & Functional Checklist

Final Delivery

Final deliveries are a breeze with digitally crafted final hybrids. Little to no adjustment is also expected because of our digitally designed try-in devices.

ASC (Angulated Screw Channel) | In some cases, ASC technology is utilized to correct esthetically compromised screw access holes or functionally compromised areas. Our lab utilizes this technology frequently on full arch fixed cases and it is recommended that each customer purchase one. Purchase an ASC Latch Tip by filling out the contact form.

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