NEW MicronMapper™ and 3Shape Trios Final Hybrid Workflow

Peterson Dental Lab is proud to announce we’re bringing the latest photogrammetry technology to your office: the MicronMapper™! 

We made the investment so you don’t have to: you now have access to this valuable technology through Peterson Dental’s Chairside Team.

How does it work?

Our Chairside Team will come to your office and digitize your patient’s records using the 3Shape Trios scanners and the photogrammetry MicronMapper™.  After the scans, we will complete an esthetic clinical checklist. That’s it!

No More Implant Verification Jigs!

The accuracy of the MicronMapper™ allows your team to skip the clinical implant verification step. Remember, it is still standard protocol to torque the multi-unit abutments prior to completing the MicronMapper™ scan to ensure abutments are not loose.

The Process:

We use the Trios scanner to capture the patient’s maxillary and mandibular occlusal relationship. We use the MicronMapper™ to capture the implant locations. The lab uses both data records to fabricate the prosthesis. 

What Can I Use this For?
Improved Patient Experience in just 8 seconds!

A traditional implant location requires probing the patient’s mouth with a wand for 2-3 minutes–it’s time consuming and uncomfortable. But the MicronMapper™ can capture a scan in just 8 seconds, without having to poke around the mouth. 

Check out the MicronMapper™ in action:


Ready to Schedule a MicronMapper™ case?

Contact our Customer Experience Team to schedule your next provisional or final hybrid! Call or text us at 561-272-6662 or email us at [email protected].


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