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Chairside Services

At Peterson Dental Lab, we seek to provide open communication between our lab and the clinicians we serve. We know that in working together, we can achieve the ideal prosthetic for each unique patient.

Working together to achieve successful outcomes

We believe that with the help of Peterson’s expert chairside specialists, clinicians and their patients will experience greater case success in a shorter period of time. Trust our team to take on challenging cases, knowing that we’ll be there to ensure an optimal outcome for your patients. Serving Collier, Lee, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties.

Cost | $165 per hour, per patient. After the first hour, we charge in 30-minute increments. If additional patients are seen within your scheduled one-hour time, each patient will require a separate charge for the service.

Cancellation Fees | Cancelling a chairside visit less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time will result in a full charge.

Please note | Chairside services are not included with any product

Benefits to your practice:

  • Eliminate inconveniencing your patients with additional appointments
  • Improve patient treatment planning
  • Train and educate your entire team
  • Satisfy your patients’ high expectations
  • Reduce time and cost associated with returning cases to lab
  • Build patient confidence with exceptional personal attention
  • Reduce office frustration and stress
To schedule your next Chairside appointment, call 561-272-6662 OR email us at [email protected]
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