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Peterson Dental Lab offers next-day repair services in the Florida tri-county area only. Please call as soon as possible to reserve your repair. Repairs are completed on a “first in, first out” basis.


  • Loyal Customers | next-day repairs are reserved for loyal customers with an active monthly account located in the Florida, tri-county area.
  • Our Restorations | repairs will be completed on our Peterson Dental Lab products.
  • Other Lab's Restorations | Repairing other lab's removable work will only be completed if you have an active monthly account and your removable business is now coming to Peterson Dental Lab. All repairs on products not made by Peterson Dental Lab will not be warrantied.

Case Pick-Up

The repair must be ready for pickup between 8:00 AM – 10:15 AM to be eligible for the next-day service. Please call as soon as possible at 561-272-6662. Limited spots are available each day.

Repairs are scheduled on a “1st come, 1st served basis” for Peterson Dental Lab customers.

Evaluation & Cost

Each case will be evaluated and charges assessed by 3 criteria:

  • Extent of repair (lab labor, acrylic is included)
  • Additional components (models, articulation, teeth, implant analogs, attachment housing, laser welding, ect…)
  • Return Time by 5:00PM or by 3:00 PM


Expect next-day delivery by 5:00 PM. If capacity is available, cases can be ready by 3:00 PM at an additional fee. A call is required if you would like a delivery by 3:00 PM.

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