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Tissue Supported Guide

Tissue Supported Guides

Tissue supported guides receive their support from the mucosa during surgery. These guides are fabricated normally from existing dentures. It is our recommendation that a new denture be fabricated so that implant placement can be idealized based on the new denture's function and esthetics.


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There are sometimes concerns involving the support of a tissue supported guide during surgery because of various tissue thickness. There is also a potential for the flap reflection during surgery causing complexities with accuracy.

Tissue supported guides always require a Dual Scan Protocol. Please make sure that the denture is well-fitting prior to completing the dual scan. Please remove any soft reline material and complete a hard reline prior to any scanning. Scan the existing denture in the patient's mouth with the patient biting. Scan the denture again outside the mouth resting on foam or cotton rolls. Please also capture a bite and opposing model.

Please upload your zipped CBCT files marked “patient” and “appliance”, intra oral files (.stl) and pictures (if applicable). Create your case using the button below.

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