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Nano-Ceramic Hybrid

Monolithic Nano-Ceramic bonded to a milled bar

The Nano-Ceramic Hybrid is completely digitally manufactured and made with materials that are kind to the occlusion in comparison to zirconia. The improved wearing characteristics of nano-ceramic outperform acrylic denture teeth. All cases are verified for function and esthetics, utilizing a digitally designed printed try-in device after the VDO has been established. We design the bar and teeth at the same time to provide optimal tooth support.


Product Advantages

  • Milled nano-ceramic teeth (softer than zirconia but wear better than denture teeth)
  • Milled titanium bar (integrated bar design)
  • Try-in device for verified function and esthetics
  • Pink composite gingiva (lasts longer than acrylic)
  • Made in America


  • Full arch fixed cases
  • FP3 restorative space


  • FP1 or FP2 restorative space
  • Bruxing patients

ADA Codes

  • D6078 implant /abutment supported fixed denture for completely edentulous arch


  • Monolithic Shades Available: BL2, A1, A2, A3, B1, C2, D2
  • Composite Stained Up Shades*: BL3, A3.5, B2, C3, D3
  • Shades Not Available: BL1 ,BL4, A4, B3, B4, C1, C4, D4

*It is not recommended to strain nano-ceramic over 1 shade darker than the monolithic material because it will become blocky. Shades prescribed over 1 shade darker will not match Vita 16 shade tab.


  • RX - Fixed Full Arch - Final Hybrid
  • Comparison Chart - Full Arch Fixed
  • IFU - SR Bite Rim
  • Checklist - Esthetic & Function for Full Arch
  • IFU - Try-In Device for hybrid
  • IFU - Fixed Full Arch - Digital Workflow Single Arch
  • Checklist - Esthetic & Function for Full Arch

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