Zirconia All-on-4

The Zirconia All-on-4 is a full arch solid zirconia All-on-Four implant restoration. This screw-retained implant solution is durable and esthetic, dramatically improving speech and function. The Zirconia All-on-4 attaches to the implants with titanium connections for optimal strength. The zirconia used in the Zirconia All-on-4 is made up of tiny, fine, round particles and when sintered at 1565ºC, the smallest particles are combined, creating a glassy, smooth non-porous surface. As a result, this restoration will not stain like traditional acrylic dentures and have little maintenance.

Product Advantages

  1. Solid zirconia with pink porcelain
  2. Strong and esthetic restoration with no odor absorption
  3. Affordable ceramic full arch restoration
  4. Precise CADCAM fit
  5. Improved speech
  6. Hypo-allergenic
  7. Predictable lab fees for the All-on-Four


  • Full arch implant supported prothesis for edentulous arch
  • Screw-retained bridges
  • 4 or more implants
  • Patient with ridge resorption


  • Implants are more than 2mm subgingival
  • Facial screw access holes

*Divergent implants with  greater than 10º divergence will require sub mucosal (Multi-Unit, Low Profile, SRA, etc…) abutment.

Zirconia All-on-4 Material

  • Solid CADCAM milled zirconia All-on-Four
  • Pink hand layered ceramic gingiva
  • Titanium bases for strengthened implant platform connection

*Anterior facials can be hand layered for added translucency

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