TCS iFlex

TCS iFlex PartialsTCS iFlex partials are made of polyolefin thermoplastic and are thinner and more translucent that traditional partials. This restoration is comfortable, retentive and is a durable and aesthetic solution that is virtually undetectable in the mouth. In addition, it resists stains more than most flexibles on the market today. The process is non-invasive, making it ideal for patients with a low threshold for pain and/or the very elderly. Its unique characteristics utilize tissue undercuts and portions of abutment teeth for retention.

Product Advantages

  1. Biocompatible BPA Free & Hypoallergenic
  2. Highly aesthetic – virtually undetected in the patient’s mouth
  3. Lightweight and comfortable
  4. Flexible – smoother patient adjustment period
  5. Retentive
  6. Stain resistant
  7. Noninvasive – ideal for patients with a low threshold for pain and/or the very elderly
  8. Repairable – teeth may be added


  • Partial dentures, unilaterals, and flippers
  • Patients with high aesthetic demands on a budget
  • Patients with concerns over metal restorations
  • Patients with allergies to monomer and nickel
  • Presence of tori, oral cancer and cleft palate


  • Full dentures
  • Immediate application; due to resorption, allow 8 to 10 weeks healing time prior to prescribing an Unbreakableā„¢ restoration
  • Deep bites where upper anterior cover lower anterior
  • Collapsed bites
  • Severe tooth inclination
  • Minimal vertical clearance, less than 5 mm

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