Surgical Guide


Maximized Treatment Safety and Predictability. Optimal restorative outcome.

At Peterson Dental Laboratory, we know precision matters. NobelGuide™ is a surgical template used to place dental implants. We designed this guide based on a 3 dimensional CT (Computer Tomography) scan. NobelGuide™ maximizes treatment safety and predictability for all indications.

At Peterson Dental Laboratory, we know teamwork matters. We promote collaboration among the prosthodontist, surgeon and laboratory in order to optimize patient care. This teamwork results in better coordination during treatment: the prosthodontist can advise the surgeon on implant placement, leading the best aesthetic and functional result, while the surgeon can advise on where there is sufficient bone. Peterson Dental Laboratory is here to advise clinicians on implant components and restorative materials and their indications, allowing for a well-informed and balanced treatment solution.

We manufacture guides for CT scans and surgical guides.

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Prosthetic-driven implant planning

Enhanced diagnostic and treatment planning
User-friendly Communicator Application and Viewer software are complimentary.
Optimal restorative outcome
Implant placement based on restorative needs and surgical requirements.

Predictable placement of implants

Predictable transfer of treatment plan into clinical reality
Guided insertion of implants through a custom-manufactured surgical template based upon the treatment plan.
Enhanced patient satisfaction
Minimized pain and discomfort

All Component match

Enhanced ease of use and precision
Tailored guided surgical kits are available for the following Nobel Biocare implant systems:

  • Branemark System and NobelSpeedy Groovy.
  • NobelReplace/Replace Select Tapered, NobelReplace Platform Shift and Nobel Replace Conical Connection.
  • NobelReplace/Replace Select Straight and NobelSpeedy Replace.
  • NobelActive

Comprehensive range of prosthetic solutions

Full assortment of standard and individualized prosthetics
Prefabricated temporary and final abutments, as well as individual CAD/CAM cement- and screw-retained prosthetic restorations.

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