Provisional All-on-4

There is NO fear of failing provisionals with the Provisional All-on-4. This product incorporates a rigid titanium bar into the acrylic provisional hybrid. Replace timely, risky, and irritating chair side conversions with peace of mind and predictable outcomes with the TBS Hybrid.

displaying tbs xray

Product Advantages

  1. Rigid cross-arch implant support
  2. Hygienically designed
  3. Lab Processed instead of chair side
  4. Patient have less stress


  • So the lab handles all the hassle?
    Correct. You take an impression and we handle all of the “dirty work” and stress: this is a service product most of all. Your case arrives at our facility, where specially trained technicians pour and mount your case immediately. Your implant model then has a rigid titanium bar fabricated. We then set up teeth, tilting the CEJs paletally, enabling hygienic cleaning of the appliance and proper esthetic tooth display. The case is then processed and finished, and will arrive by 3:00 pm the day after surgery.
  • So I insert this restoration Next Day?
    Yes. The hybrid will be returned to you the day after surgery by 3:00 pm.
  • What if I live outside of the Florida Tri-County Area?
    No Problem. Your case is Next Day A.M shipped to us. We fabricate it, then we ship it Next Day AM to you. The case will arrive in 48 hours instead of 24.
  • My Patient does not want to be without teeth!
    No problem! We will supply you with a complimentary clear shell to process a simple chair side temp or send you a vanity denture for FREE; just ask!
  • How do I reserve this service?
    Please call us or email us at  to schedule your next TBS Provisional.
  • TBS-Immediate-Load-Hybrids
  • TBS-Immediate-Load-Hybrids
  • TBS-Immediate-Load-Hybrids

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