Nobel Biocare

Advantages & Benefits


  1. Precision milled OEM connections
  2. Patient specific emergence profiles
  3. Designed by Qualified Technicians
  4. First class warrantee
  5. ASC option (Angled Screw Channel)

Product Options

  • Peterson Dental Laboratory offers 3 different patient-specific abutments though our partnership with Nobel Biocare. Abutments are available in Titanium, Zirconia, and Zirconia ASC (angled Screw Channel) to fit your patient’s specific needs.
  • Abutments are designed by trained technicians who value natural emergence profile and the importance of case designing within the esthetic zone. Screw-retained restorations are now more easily achieved with the ASC (Angled Screw Channel) zirconia abutment line. Screw channels once emerging facial in the anterior region can now be tilted up to 25 degrees lingual for optimal esthetics and strength.


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