Full Metal

Full cast gold has been the standard in the posterior region because of its durability. All crowns are produced by CADCAM process providing optimal margin integrity, crown contours, gingival embrasures, occlusal embrasures, proximal and occlusal contact and anatomy. Choose from yellow HN 60%, HN 40%, N 2%, base alloy or white SP.

Product Advantages

  1. Durability
  2. Biocompatibility
  3. Quick turnaround time
  4. Accuracy with CAD Technology


  • Single & multi unit bridges
  • Restorations with minimal clearance
  • Inlay and onlays


  • Anterior esthetic restorations
  • Less than .5 mm occlusal clearance

Preparation Instructions

  • Traditional crown preparations
  • .5-1 mm occlusal clearance

What to send laboratory?

  • Impressions and models
  • Bite registration

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